Are you a college student looking to begin working in your chosen field of study but have not completed your degree?  Strong internship experience is often what distinguishes one student from another during the competitive job interviews upon graduation. More often than not, the graduate with the most relevant experience will land a job offer over one with simply stellar grades. Take these tips and recommendations from the human resource professionals to begin building your resume to land your dream job upon graduation.

Meet with the Career Office of Office of Student Interns at your respective university. More often than not, they have established relationships with local employers that have been accepting interns for years. Quite frequently, employers engage interns while they are in school with an eye to offering them a job upon graduation contingent upon how they perform during the internship. Polish your resume and include any civic, social or leadership activities you’ve engaged in since completing high school. List your major and include a cover letter that outlines your career objectives. If you’ll be applying for an internship in an office, now is the time to invest in a suit or quality jacket and well-tailored trousers. If the internship entails extensive field work, take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon  coupons and invest in a quality jacket from the huge selection available from Columbia Sportswear. These investments, when properly taken care of, should last for many years.

When interviewing for an internship, the most important thing to wear is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression – use it wisely. Do as much research about the company as possible and have questions on hand to ask the interviewing manager. An internship is an opportunity for you to shine, learn and grow on a temporary basis. The more exposure you have within your chosen field, the more confident you can become that you’ve indeed made the right decision for your career path. Best of luck to you in securing and thriving at a dynamic internship.

Make Your Career In My Gulf Jobs

Posted by | September 30, 2011 | My Gulf Jobs

It is really true that we all always desire to get the best job after completing our studies, and for that purpose we need to do hard work. Along with hard work, for getting good position in reputed company, before our talent, a reference comes first. Somehow it is necessary as well. As day by day fraud is increasing, so for security purpose, references are requisite in most of the companies. But still, sometimes real talent stays left behind due to lack of references or proper information about job opening. For that purpose, now a day, individual people and companies are using job web sites. From these job websites they can get desired options.

Job seekers can get the best job opening news and employers get enough talented candidate options and from that option, they can choose the best one with easy telephonic deliberation. These job portals are really reliable and usually the results are outstanding of these web sites as well.  Here we are introducing, our new job portal which is fully expertise in Gulf Jobs. So, if you are interested in Gulf Jobs, this job portal is the best platform to fulfill your requirement.

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